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Romantic Kitri Costume


Romantic Kitri Costume

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Romantic Kitri Costume

Enchanting Elegance: The Romantic Kitri Costume

Step into a world of enchantment with the captivating “Romantic Kitri Costume.” This light stretch ballet ensemble is a symphony of grace and allure, designed to embody the spirit of romance on the dance floor.

A Symphony of Red and Black:

The bodice of this exquisite creation is crafted from supple red spandex, allowing for fluid movement and a comfortable fit. An overlay of intricate black lace graces the bodice, tapering to the waist and adorned with gold trim. This meticulous detailing creates a mesmerizing contrast, capturing the essence of romance and drama.

The Artistry of Tiers:

The skirt of the costume is a masterpiece of tiered elegance. With three tiers cascading gracefully, each one is adorned with delicate black lace. This ornate addition enhances the allure of the ensemble, creating a visual marvel as the dancer moves across the stage.

Whispers of Tulle:

The slip sleeves of the costume, crafted from black and red tulle, gently rest on the shoulders. These ethereal sleeves add a touch of whimsy and grace, enhancing the dancer’s presence and creating a dreamlike quality to every movement.

A Glimpse of Spain:

This Romantic Kitri Costume pays homage to the captivating artistry of Spanish dance. With its vibrant red hue edged in black lace, the costume captures the essence of Spanish flair and passion. It’s a tribute to the very heart of the dance, evoking the fiery spirit of Spain’s cultural heritage.

The Essence of Don Quixote:

The “Romantic Kitri Costume” finds its perfect home in the world of “Don Quixote.” It’s an embodiment of the Spanish style that characterizes the ballet. As the ballet’s titular character embarks on his whimsical journey, Kitri’s dance reflects the essence of love, adventure, and vibrant energy. This costume complements her role flawlessly, adding depth to her character’s portrayal.

A Harmony of Sizes:

This ensemble is available in both adult and child sizes, ensuring that dancers of all ages can embrace the magic of Kitri’s character. Whether young or mature, every dancer can step into the role and bring their own interpretation to life.

A Dance of Romance:

The “Romantic Kitri Costume” encapsulates the art of storytelling through dance. With its intricate details, vibrant colors, and Spanish flair, it becomes a canvas for dancers to express their passion and grace. As the costume adorns the dancer, it weaves a tale of romance, capturing hearts and leaving a lasting impression on both the audience and the stage.

Unveil the Romance:

Indulge in the allure of the “Romantic Kitri Costume.” As you don this ensemble, embrace the spirit of Kitri and embark on a journey of love and dance. With its meticulous design and the magic it brings to every movement, this costume transports you to a world where passion and elegance intertwine in a dance of timeless.

This comes in standard sizes. Adult and child sizes available. Please check our charts Here

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