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Ballet Tutu’s For Carabosse

Ballet Tutu’s For Carabosse

The Evil Fairy in Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty’s Fairy gone wrong, Carabosse, is such a dramatic character. This Fairy is in contrast and polar opposite to all the other characters in this charming ballet. Carabosse exerts her wrath on the innocent Aurora, her family and all who live in the Palace. And all just because she wasnt invited to the christening! Wow! A very angry little fairy! She crashes the party and curses  the baby Aurora. Carabosse lurks around this fairytale, making sure Aurora pricks her finger on the spindle and is still around a hundred years later trying to thwart the happy ending with the Prince.

Which Tutu’s For this Frurious Fairy?

Carabosse is bitter, angry, misunderstood, evil and cruel. You need a dramatic tutu for such a dramatic character. Costumes in Black and grey mixed with muted colours such as greens or purples all work for this role. This role can also take on a darkly regal appearance too with navy and golds in the costume or deep reds and blacks. Tutus with texture are great for this costume too.

This red and black tutu is stnning fir the role of Carabosse. The red and good sequins trail around the tutu in a sinster way! The red adds colour to this role.

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This tutu has some gold sparkle. It has a gothic style pattern wth blue jewels for some colour. The bidice has gold criss cross design. This tutu would certainly suit Carabosse

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This Black and Gold Tutu has a Tudor feel to it. It would look great in a performance for Carabosse. The bodice and panels have a glittery gold swirl.

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This Bkack tutu is absolutely beautiful. It has a dark quality which would suit Carabosse in Sleeping Beauty. It woukd inspire awe and fear!

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A more unusual choice for this ancient fairy. This guves the role a sense of entitlement and power. Why not have a majestic costume?! This fairy holds power and everyone fears her. I think this tutu inspires those thoughts!

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Amother tutu depating from just the traditional black used for Carabosse. This design has a wicked feel..with its spikey skirt!

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