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Sleeping Beauty Fairies

Sleeping Beauty Fairies


Sleeping Beauty Fairies – Ideas For Tutus

Sleeping Beauty Fairies

Sleeping Beauty Ballet Tutus
In this gorgeous picture, all the Sleeping Beauty fairies are wearing the same style tutu simply made in different colours. Find these HERE, just ask to change the colours!

Let’s look at the main Fairies and some tutu ideas!


The clever fairy leader of the Sleeping Beauty fairies, the Lilac Fairy. So named because in Russian folklore the lilac is a symbol of wisdom. hence you will find this fairy called the Fairy of Wisdom in some productions. Lilac or purple is always the colour to go for when choosing a costume for a Lilac variation or production! This queen of the fairies has an imperial quality and is beautifully flowing and gracious in her lilac tutu.  Some great choices are as follows!

Lilac Fairy Ballet Tutu

Lilac Fairy Ballet Tutu

Find this tutu HERE

Fairy Of Wisdom Ballet Tutu

Fairy Of Wisdom Ballet Tutu From the Sleeping Ballet Tutu

Find this Fairy of Wisdom Tutu HERE

Fairy of The crystal Fountain 

The Fairy of The Crystal Fountain from the Sleeping Beauty Ballet is known as the Candide Fairy, meaning honesty and purity. This pure Fairy is more commonly know as the Fairy of the Crystal Fountain or in some productions she is the  Fairy of Grace. This variation needs a ballet tutu full of sparkles, with water as a theme, so whites, greens and blues are in order.

Find this tutu here HERE

Fairy of The Crystal Fountain Ballet Tutu

A Fairy of The Crystal Ballet Tutu is often a blue or green colour.

Find this tutu here  Here

Find this Crystal Fountain Fairy  HERE

The Fairy Of  Joy

  1. The Fairy of Joy!  A fairy full of energy! She’s known in many productions as Coulante (flowing), Fleur de farine (Fairy of the wheat flower), The Fairy of the Enchanted Garden, and the Rose Fairy. Often this fairy has a rose petal tutu. She can in pink, dusty pink, yellow or biege for the wheat or orange for the fun and vibrance. She is a happy fairy and needs to depict the fun and energy she has.

COULANTE FAIRY TUTU, Also know as The Fairy of Joy

Find this tutu HERE

Find this Fairy of Joy tutu HERE


The Fairy of Generosity is also know as the Fairy Of The Breadcrumbs. This may seem strange to most, but In  Russian culture, bread is a symbol of fertility and good fortune. Breadcrumbs are often put in a new baby’s cot as a blessing. This ballet fairy is also known as the Fairy of the Woodland Glades. If the dancers Variation is the fairy from the woodland glades, the costume can be green, if its more along the lines of scattering breadcrumbs,  yellow and biege tutus with cornflowers and wheat is ideal  

Find this Fairy of the Breadcrumbs HERE

Find this Fairy of the Woodland Glade HERE

Find this Fairy of Generosity HERE


    The fairy of Musicality, often called the Fairy of the Songbirds and also widely know as the Canary fairy. This fairy flits and flutters around the stage and will more often be found in a yellow or gold ballet tutu.

Find this Fairy Of Musicality HERE

Find this Canary Fairy tutu HERE

Find this Fairy of the Songbird tutu HERE

Fairy of the Golden Vine

In some productions she is known as the Fairy of the Temperament or Violente meaning force. You will hear this fairy also referred to as the Fairy of the Golden Vine. Her gift to Aurora, is strength, conviction and self belief. Temperament’s bold dance is often known as the ‘finger variation’ because she points with her index fingers. Interestingly this pointing dance is to do with electricity as this was a new innovation when the Sleeping Beauty ballet was first written!

When choosing a costume for this role, look for reds for boldness, energy and excitement.  Earthy colours like brown to symbolise comfort, reliability and simplicity, these are excellent choices for the Fairy of the Golden Vine.

Find this Fairy of The Golden Vine Tutu HERE

Find this  Violente Fairy tutu  HERE

Find this Finger Fairy Tutu HERE

So there we have it, some tutu ideas for the fairies in Sleep Beauty.