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Which Tutu
Buying a Ballet Tutu

A tutu is a ballet skirt that usually consists of multiple layers of thin fabric. They’ve been around since the early 1900s, originating from the bell-shaped romantic dresses of the 1800s. Some tutus are the simple, traditionally pink skirts often seen on television. Other tutus are voluminous masterpieces of several colors and fabrics, designed for a specific part in a play or for a one-time photo shoot. Since the 1900s, the original tutu has undergone tweaks and several different types of tutus, including the platter tutu, classical pancake tutu, and the Karinska tutu.
Tips on buying, it’s necessary to know the skirt’s purpose; a tutu required for ballet practice might be drastically different from the one required for a ballet performance.
Tutus can be purchased in costume stores, dance outfitter shops, and online at websites like eBay. Dancers should ask their instructors for a description of the required outfits and advice on where to purchase them. Some ballet schools might require students to purchase supplies directly from them.

Tips on buying
Romantic Tutus

Tips on buying a romantic tutu is a knee-length or longer skirt. It has a long flowing skirt made of several layers of tulle and is a A three-quarter length and bell shaped skirt. The hemline falls between the knee and the ankle. The romantic tutu is free flowing to emphasize lightness, to suit the quality of the romantic ballets such as “Giselle”. There are two types of romantic tutus-one that starts at the waist and one with a dropped waist and basque called a romantic tutu.They’re generally quite modest and perfect for photos. Due to the length, the dancer can splay her skirt out when in a sitting position and the skirt will swish with the dancers movements.

Classical Pancake Tutu

The classical pancake tutu lives up to its name by resembling a pancake when worn. Its skirt extends straight out from the wearer’s hips, usually not dipping downward much. It’s usually quite short and thin.

Lyrical Tutu

Tips on buying;

The Russian Tutu (Kirov) is more tightly tacked and flatter in appearance.
The English Tutu slopes gently from the High Hip-line and the net is tacked slightly looser so giving it a much softer fluffier look.
Often worn for Sugar plum Fairy and Odette and many other Classical ballets.