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Names Of The Sleeping Beauty Fairies

Sleeping Beauty Ballet Tutus
Names of the sleeping beauty ballet fairies

The Sleeping Beauty Fairies

Who are the Fairies in the Sleeping Beauty Ballet?

There are a number of different names each one has, the only Fairy who has kept her name in all ballet productions is the Lilac Fairy.

Each new production has a new set of names for the Sleeping Beauty fairies,  there are 6 fairies.

Lets go through all of them and give some costume ideas for them!

Fairy of the Crystal Fountain.

Called so in the Royal Ballet productions, but this fairy was originally know as Candide

and is also called The Tender Fairy  or Fairy of Tenderness in ballet productions around the world. This fairy can also be known as the gift she bestows on the baby Aurora, Fairy of Purity. Same Fairy just different names!

For this Tender Fairy White is a popular choice

Fairy of the Enchanted Garden.

Back when the Sleeping Beauty Ballet was first danced, this fairy was known as Coulante Fleur De Farine. She can be known just as Coulante or just as the Fairy of Fleur de Farine. A more Modern name would be The Carefree Fairy and of course the Fairy Of The Enchanted Garden. This fairy brings the gift of Beauty and is also know as the Fairy of Beauty.

Green and Flowers are perfect for this role in Sleeping Beauty

Fairy of the Woodland Glade

The old time french name for this fairy is Miettes Qui Tombent, quite a mouth full! In  Russian culture, bread is a symbol of welcome, fertility and good fortune. Breadcrumbs are placed in a baby’s cradle as a blessing and so The Fairy of Generosity is also known as Miettes qui tombent (scattering of bread crumb) Rarely called this now in ballet productions, with directors favouring The Generous Fairy or the Fairy of the Woodland Glade., or the Bread Crumb Fairy. This lovely fairy brings the gift of generosity, and is sometimes named  the Fairy of Generosity.

Fairy of the Songbird

Quite literally in the French version Canari qui Chante fairy. A yellow canary fairy! You will find this fairy more often called the Playful fairy. This fun fairy brings the gift Of don’t be surprised if you find the Fairy Of Musicality in the Ballet.

Fairy of the Golden Vine

The vintage name for this fairy is Violente or Volente and you will find her called that in productions. But more commonly she is the Brave Fairy or the Fairy of the Golden Vine. Fairy of Courage is also a name for her. This bold fairy brings the gift of vitality and therefore is also know as the Fairy of Vitality.