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Orange Ballet Pancake Tutu


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Orange ballet Pancake tutu

A made to measure orange ballet pancake tutu or pick standard sizes. This orange ballet tutu has a structured bodice and inner pant. There are 10 layers of stuff tulle. This is a pancake tutu. The bodice is stretch stain in pale orange with adjustable bodice. The skirt white.
Please provide the following measurements if you wish to be custom made… leave measurements or size in the order notes when you go to check out, or email them.
Back length (nape-waist)
Girth (loop around the torso..over shoulder and through legs)
Alternatively, pick your size for the size chart in the photos

Delivery is around a month.
We deliver worldwide by express.
We can customise this design for you.

The Orange Ballet Pancake Tutu is a striking and vibrant costume piece designed for ballet performances and dance recitals. It is a type of tutu, a classical ballet skirt characterized by its flat, bell-like shape, which creates a beautifully elegant silhouette on stage.

The primary distinguishing feature of the Orange Ballet  Tutu is its bold and eye-catching color. The tutu is crafted from layers of stiff tulle or netting in a stunning shade of orange, which exudes energy, warmth, and a sense of theatricality. This vibrant hue instantly captures the attention of the audience, making it ideal for solos or group performances where the dancer seeks to stand out.

In classical ballet, the costumes worn by characters often follow specific color traditions and conventions. While there is no standard rule that dictates which character must wear a specific color, some ballet characters are commonly associated with certain colors. An orange ballet tutu might be worn by a character in a specific ballet production or variation that incorporates that color for a particular role.

One example where a ballet character might wear an orange tutu is in the ballet “La Esmeralda.” In some versions of this ballet, which is based on Victor Hugo’s novel “The Hunchback of Notre-Dame,” the character of Esmeralda, the gypsy dancer, may wear an orange or orange-accented tutu. The character is often portrayed as lively and vibrant, and the color orange can be used to reflect her personality and her free-spirited nature.

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