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Fairy of the Woodland Glade Variation


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Fairy of the Woodland Glade Variation

Amazing green professional tutu, made for the role of the Fairy of the Woodland Glade variation  (3rd Fairy) in Sleeping beauty. Also suitable for the role of “Esmeralda” or a garden Fairy.


– NEW YGP 2021.

An amazing new creation for the role of The 3rd fairy in Sleeping Beauty a perfect costume.

This professional tutu is made in an ombré style the bodice is in stretch velvet and graduates from green to white. The V-shaped bodice is made using semi stretchy fabric. The skirt Is in green with bright yellow gold applique.

The pancake tutu skirt features 10 layers of hand tacked green tulle. It features the richest gold appliques and trims.

Custom made. Please send in your measurements either on the order notes on check out or separately in an email after purchase.

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Delivery time: 4 – 7 weeks

This tutu is a breathtaking and enchanting ballet costume, meticulously designed to evoke the ethereal beauty and magic of a mystical woodland realm. This variation tutu is specifically crafted for the character of a graceful and mystical fairy, who dances among the ancient trees and dappled sunlight of the woodland glade.

The tutu’s bodice features an elegant and form-fitting design, accentuating the dancer’s lines while providing support and flexibility for intricate movements. The bodice is adorned with delicate embellishments, such as shimmering sequins, tiny crystals, and intricate floral appliqués that glisten like dewdrops under the moonlight. The skirt of the tutu is the centerpiece of this costume, designed to capture the essence of the woodland glade. It consists of multiple layers of soft, flowing tulle in various shades of green, reminiscent of lush forest foliage. These layers are carefully graded in length, with some shorter and others slightly longer, creating a whimsical and organic silhouette that emulates the natural beauty of the woods.

The Fairy of the Woodland Glade Dance 

The Fairy of the Woodland Glade ballet Variation is a magical and enchanting dance that brings the ethereal beauty of nature to life on the stage. This variation is often performed by a soloist or a principal ballerina, portraying a mystical fairy residing in a lush and serene woodland glade.

The choreography of the Fairy of the Woodland Glade Variation showcases the dancer’s grace and delicate footwork, as if she is gently gliding through the forest. The movements are characterized by soft and flowing gestures, evoking the subtle rustling of leaves, the gentle sway of branches, and the ephemeral presence of woodland creatures.

The dancer’s arms may mimic the delicate fluttering of wings, while her turns and spins embody the lightness and agility of a woodland fairy. The choreography may include intricate pointe work, showcasing the dancer’s strength and control as she dances on the tips of her toes, adding to the otherworldly quality of the variation.

The music accompanying this ballet Variation typically features enchanting melodies and delicate orchestration, evoking the tranquility and magic of a hidden woodland glade.

The ballet costume for the Fairy of the Woodland Glade Variation is designed to reflect the enchanting and natural elements of the character. The typical costume for this variation often includes the following features:

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