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Willis Romantic Tutu


Custom made. Please provide: hips, waist, bust, height, girth, back length. Either email them after ordering or provide in additional information section during checkout.

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Willis Romantic Tutu

The Enchanting Willis Romantic Tutu for Giselle’s White Act

In the mesmerizing world of ballet, the Willis Romantic Tutu holds a special place, especially in the hauntingly beautiful “White Act” of “Giselle.” This costume is designed to transport dancers and audiences alike into the ethereal realm of the Wilis, the spirits of young women who died before their weddings. Let’s explore the captivating details of this enchanting Willis Romantic Tutu:

1. Sleek White Spandex Bodice:

  • The costume begins with a sleek white spandex bodice, providing the dancer with comfort and flexibility.
  • This bodice is fully adjustable, featuring three rows of hooks and eyes, adjustable shoulder straps, and an adjustable inner pant. It ensures a secure and personalized fit.

2. Off-the-Shoulder Peasant Style Bustline:

  • The bodice features an off-the-shoulder design with a peasant-style bustline adorned with black ruffles.
  • This detail adds a touch of rustic charm while creating a striking visual contrast with the white bodice.

3. Sheer White Puff Sleeves with Black Edging:

  • The costume’s sheer white puff sleeves, edged in black, enhance the ethereal and otherworldly appearance of the character.
  • These sleeves create an enchanting silhouette that complements the graceful movements of the Willis.

4. White Soft Tulle Skirt with Black Fern Details:

  • The skirt of the tutu is crafted from white soft tulle, evoking an airy and delicate quality.
  • Black ghostly ferns creep up from the hem of the skirt, adding an eerie and supernatural effect that is characteristic of the Willis.

5. Perfect for the “White Act” of Giselle:

  • In the second act of “Giselle,” known as the “White Act,” the dancers, including the Wilis, wear romantic tutus and pointe shoes.
  • This act takes the ballet into the realm of the supernatural, and the Willis Romantic Tutu plays a pivotal role in creating the unearthly atmosphere.

6. Diaphanous Quality and Floating Movement:

  • The diaphanous quality of the tutu’s fabric gives the Willis’ movements a floaty and ethereal quality, befitting the spirits they portray.
  • Layers of white netting contribute to this unearthly effect, making the dancers appear as if they are gliding on air.

The Willis Romantic Tutu, with its elegant white and black design, is an integral part of the timeless ballet “Giselle.” It not only reflects the moonlight but also enhances the hypnotic power of the “unreal dance” performed by the Wilis. This costume captures the essence of the supernatural, making it an essential element in conveying the ethereal beauty and haunting allure of the ballet.

Immerse yourself in the world of “Giselle” with this exquisite Willis Romantic Tutu, and let your performance shine with the magic of the white act and the captivating power of the Wilis.
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