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White Pancake Tutu


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White Pancake Tutu

This is a fantastic white pancake tutu has a stretch velour bodice with a nude v panel at the front, with delicate pink flower applique on the front. The skirt is white with the same flowers.

This pancake tutu stands very straight.

It has 5-7 layers of tulle, depending on the size of tutu and it sits as a pancake.

The straps are adjustable.

Comes with white arm puffs.

Please send measurements and we will ascertain the best size.
This is for adults and children.

See our measurements guide here

A White Pancake Tutu is a type of ballet costume commonly worn by ballerinas, especially in classical ballet performances. It is characterized by its distinctive bell-shaped skirt, which is flat and stiff, creating a graceful and elegant appearance on stage. The term “pancake” refers to the flat, plate-like appearance of the tutu’s skirt, as it does not have the traditional fluffy layers seen in other tutu styles.

The primary feature of the White Pancake Tutu is its clean and minimalist design. As the name suggests, it is typically white in color, symbolizing purity and innocence. However, variations in color might exist to suit specific choreography or artistic direction.

The skirt of the White Tutu is made of multiple layers of stiff netting or tulle, carefully sewn together to create the desired flat shape. The stiffness of the layers helps the tutu maintain its form and structure while the ballerina dances and performs intricate movements.

This white pancake tutu would be ideal in the following ballet roles:

  1. Willis in “Giselle” and “Les Sylphides”: In ballets that feature Willi characters, such as “Giselle” or “Les Sylphides,” the tutus worn by these female spirits are often white to represent their ethereal and otherworldly nature.
  2. Aurora in “Sleeping Beauty”: The role of Princess Aurora in “Sleeping Beauty” often features a white tutu during the grand pas de deux in Act III. The white tutu reflects Aurora’s royal and virtuous nature.

The choice of a white pancake tutu for these roles aligns with the traditional and classical aesthetics of ballet, evoking a sense of purity, grace, and timeless beauty. However, it’s essential to note that costume designs can vary between different productions and artistic visions, so the specific color and style of the tutu may be subject to interpretation by the ballet company and its designers.

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