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Turquoise Petal Ballet Tutu


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Turquoise Petal Ballet Tutu

Presenting our enchanting “Starry Turquoise Ballet Tutu” – This Turquoise petal ballet tutu is  a captivating blend of turquoise and snow white, adorned with stunning gold and white detailing that will leave audiences spellbound. This exquisite tutu showcases intricate star detailing in elegant white embroidery and lace, gracefully stretching to the edge of the skirt, creating an ethereal and mesmerizing vision. The tutu is also picked out in black and gold which enhances the silhouette on stage. I

Versatile and breathtaking, the Starry Turquoise Ballet Tutu is the perfect choice for a myriad of roles and solo performances. Its brilliant turquoise hue, coupled with shimmering silver and white accents, adds a touch of opulence to any stage performance, making it a show-stopper at ballet festivals or the Young Artists Performance Guild (YAPG).

The bodice features stretchy blue panels embellished with delicate sparkles, exuding an air of elegance and sophistication. The bust line boasts rich appliqué work, artfully elongating the dancer’s figure and drawing attention to the waist, resulting in a truly luxurious and detailed design.

Crafted with a semi-stretched fabric and a six-piece panelled bodice, this costume flatters the dancer’s form with a tight and graceful line. The two sets of hooks and eyes at the back ensure a perfect fit, offering ease of adjustability. Moreover, a drawstring at the top of the bodice and waist allows for a sleek and snug fit, ensuring the dancer feels comfortable and confident.

The tutu features a frill pant, which can be customized upon request. The pant also comes with an adjustable waist, equipped with three sets of hooks and eyes for a customizable fit.

The upper part of the tutu is richly adorned with silver trims, beads, and sequins, artfully accentuating the waistline. The ten layers of graduated pleated tulle create a voluminous and elegant effect, enriched with hand-sewn lace and sequins, culminating in a delicate white lace trim.

For a timeless classical look, the skirt is made of thick, stiff tulle, evoking the essence of a traditional tutu. In most cases, our tutus do not include hoops, unless they are heavily appliquéd, in which case a lightweight and flexible hoop may be added.

To ensure a perfect fit, there are two rows of hook and eyes at the back of the tutu, along with drawstrings at the bust and waist for a snug and comfortable feel. The tutu’s nude adjustable straps feature a stick finish to prevent any slipping during performances.

To complete the ensemble, matching arm bands are thoughtfully included, adding a touch of elegance and continuity to the overall look.

This turquoise petal Ballet Tutu is a true masterpiece, perfect for various classical performances, where the dancer can shine like a star, illuminating the stage with grace, beauty, and unparalleled artistry.

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