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Le Corsaire Odalisque Variation Tutu

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 Le Corsaire Odalisque Variation Tutu

Presenting the enchanting  Le Corsaire Odalisque Variation Tutu, a meticulously designed two-piece costume that encapsulates the allure of the ballet “Le Corsaire.” With its harmonious blend of pale blue and regal purple, adorned with gold accents, this tutu is a stunning tribute to the elegance and grace of the Odalisque variation.

Odalisque Le Corsaire Variation Tutu – Elevating Your Performance:

Ballet-Inspired Design: This exquisite tutu is expertly designed to capture the essence of the Odalisque variation in “Le Corsaire.” The combination of pale blue and purple, enhanced by the regal touch of gold, pays homage to the opulence of this classical ballet.

Unique Scarf Detailing: The costume’s unique scarf detailing adds an extra layer of sophistication and allure. The scarf complements the tutu’s design, contributing to the overall aesthetic and creating a visual masterpiece on stage.

Bodice Elegance: The bodice boasts a short belly design that perfectly complements the character’s refined posture. An adjustable back ensures a secure fit, allowing for freedom of movement while maintaining a polished appearance.

Skirt Perfection: The high-waisted pancake tutu embodies the classic ballet silhouette, featuring ten layers of stiff tulle with flexible hoops. This construction guarantees the graceful flow of movement while maintaining the tutu’s elegant structure. An adjustable inner pant further enhances comfort and provides a secure fit, allowing the dancer to perform with confidence.

Arm Bands Inclusion: To complete the ensemble, arm bands are thoughtfully included, adding an exquisite touch that enhances the overall visual impact.

Tailored for Excellence: Customization is at the heart of our craftsmanship. The Odalisque Le Corsaire Variation Tutu is available in made-to-measure sizes for both adults and children. By providing key measurements such as height, hips, waist, bust, girth, and back length, you ensure a perfect fit that complements your unique physique.

Elevate Your Performance: Step onto the stage with the grace and elegance of the Odalisque variation, adorned in the Odalisque Le Corsaire Variation Tutu. Immerse yourself in the world of “Le Corsaire” as you embody the character’s timeless allure, and leave a lasting impression on audiences with your exceptional artistry.

With every stitch and detail, this tutu is a celebration of ballet’s beauty and the dedication of dancers who bring these characters to life.

Made to measure for adults and children. Please see our measuring guide. Measuring And Size charts


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