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Kitri Romantic Tutu


Romantic Kitri Costume

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Kitri Romantic Tutu

Here we have a Kitri Romantic Tutu. A structured romantic ballet costume, with inner pant and adjustable corset.

The Kitri Romantic Tutu is a stunning and iconic ballet costume that is traditionally worn by the lead female dancer in the ballet “Don Quixote” during the Act III “Dream Scene.” This tutu is designed to capture the essence of romance, grace, and elegance, complementing the character of Kitri, who is a spirited and vivacious young woman in love.

This tutu’s bodice is typically adorned with intricate detailing, featuring delicate antique gold lace, with some red sparkle. The sweetheart neckline accentuates the dancer’s upper body and adds a touch of femininity to the overall look together with a criss cross of black ribbons. The arms are a Spanish style netting. The bodice is jet black to set off the bright red tiered skirt. The bodice is hook and eye, so the fit is sleek.

This Kitri Romantic Tutu has a romantic-length skirt. Unlike the shorter, stiff pancake tutus, the romantic tutu boasts a softer, longer skirt that gracefully extends to just above the dancer’s ankles. This flowing skirt allows for a sense of ethereal movement and adds an air of sophistication to the character of Kitri.

The skirt is made from layers of soft, sheer red tulle, allowing it to billow and swirl as the dancer moves. The skirt is adorned with delicate gold lacing and embellishments that add depth and dimension to the overall design. The flowing nature of the skirt allows the dancer to showcase her artistry through sweeping arabesques and beautifully extended lines.

When the lead dancer dons this Kitri Romantic Tutu, they embody the essence of love and passion, captivating the audience with their skill full  technique, expressive artistry, and the sheer beauty of the costume. This tutu costume will enhance this ballet character’s personality, bringing Kitri to life as a captivating and alluring young woman, who enchants both the audience and the ballet’s male lead, Basilio.

In conclusion, this  Kitri Romantic Tutu is a masterful work of art, beautifully tailored to evoke a sense of romance, elegance, and grace. It is a costume that perfectly complements the character of Kitri and remains a beloved and iconic piece in the ballet world, captivating audiences with its timeless beauty and the artistry of the dancers who wear it.


This Spanish dancer costume in red edged in black with netted black arms.

Ideal for Don Quixote Ballet, as a Kitri variation costume or as a Spanish ballet tutu.

This is a quality professional red Spanish romantic tutu and a perfect Kitri romantic tutu.

You May pick a size from the size chart in the photos or we recommend for the best fit to send all your measurements in. Attach them to the order notes on checkout.

Custom made Please check our measurements guide Here

The Romantic Tutu is a style of tutu worn by ballerinas, particularly in the 19th-century Romantic ballet era. It is one of the classic tutu styles used in ballet performances, and it holds historical significance in the development of ballet costuming. As ballet evolved and moved into the 20th century, the Romantic Tutu gradually gave way to other tutu styles, like the Classical Tutu and the more modern variations seen in contemporary ballets. However, its influence can still be seen in the enduring popularity of the Romantic-era ballets, and it remains an essential part of ballet’s rich history and tradition.

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