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Grand pas paquita


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Product Description: Grand Pas Paquita Tutu

Elegance and Grace: The Grand Pas Paquita Tutu

Timeless Beauty in White and Gold

  • Pure White Perfection: Both the bodice and skirt of this exquisite tutu are pure white, exuding timeless elegance.
  • Delicate Gold Applique: Adorned with delicate gold lacing-type applique, adding a touch of opulence to its pristine appearance.
  • Intricate Beauty: This tutu captivates with its delicate and pretty appearance, radiating an air of grace and sophistication.

Perfect Choice for Grand Pas Paquita Variation

  • Grand Pas Paquita Variation: Designed specifically for the Grand Pas Paquita, this tutu is the ideal choice for this classic ballet variation.
  • Why This Tutu: The Grand Pas Paquita variation demands an aura of regality and grace. This tutu, with its pure white canvas and delicate gold embellishments, perfectly embodies these qualities. It enhances the dancer’s presence on stage, accentuating every movement with its elegance.
  • A Touch of Sparkle: This one-piece white tutu boasts subtle but captivating sparkle, adding a magical touch to your performance.

Versatile for Various Roles

  • Many Roles and Solo Performances: While perfect for the Grand Pas Paquita, this tutu is versatile and can be used for a wide range of roles and solo performances.

A Classic in Ballet

  • White Tutus in Iconic Ballets and Roles:
    • Swan Lake: Essential for white swans with classical tutus.
    • Shades Variation: An ideal choice.
    • La Bayadere: Perfect for the Kingdom of the Shades and Nikiya’s pas de deux with Solor.
    • Diamonds in Jewels: A classic choice.
    • The Dying Swan Solo: Ideal for an Odette tutu.
    • Le Grande Pas Classique: Well-suited for Russian pas de deux.
    • Nutcracker: Versatile for various roles, including Snowflakes Corps, Macha, Snow Queen, Mirlitons, and Clara.
    • The Pharaoh’s Daughter: A timeless option.
    • Aurora in Sleeping Beauty: Suitable for the wedding scene, Crystal Fairy, Fairy of Tenderness or Candid, and Diamond Fairy.
    • Raymonda Act 3: Perfect for the Dream Variation.
    • Coppelia: Ideal for the wedding scene and Prayer variation.
    • Paquita: Especially fitting for the wedding scene.
    • And More: Our white tutus are a versatile choice for many other roles and variations.

Enhance Your Performance

  • Perfect for All Stages: This tutu elevates any performance, whether on a grand stage or for a solo act.
  • A Showstopper: Make a statement at ballet festivals or Young Artist Program Gala (YAPG) performances.
  • Ballet Competitions: White tutus are beloved in ballet competitions, exuding purity and elegance.

Detailed Bodice for a Perfect Fit

  • Bodice Details: Crafted with six panels to contour the body flawlessly.
  • Comfort and Movement: Made from semi-stretch fabric, ensuring a sleek, tight fit with freedom of movement.
  • Adjustable Fit: Features two sets of hooks and eyes at the back and drawstrings at the top and waist for a secure, customizable fit.
  • Exquisite Embellishments: The bust line boasts rich applique, enhancing its opulent look.
  • Elongating Effect: The applique cleverly elongates the dancer’s silhouette and draws attention to the waist.
  • Secure and Comfortable: Nude adjustable straps with a non-slip finish ensure a worry-free performance.
  • Detailed and Beautiful: Every aspect of this tutu is meticulously designed for elegance and comfort.

The Quintessential Tutu Skirt

  • Classic Tutu Look: The skirt is created with thick stiff tulle for a timeless classical tutu appearance.
  • Layered Perfection: Boasting ten layers of graduating stiff American tulle, it creates a beautiful line.
  • Optional Hoop: Depending on the design, a lightweight, flexible hoop may be added.
  • Exquisite Embellishments: Hand-sewn lace, sparkly appliques, and trims adorn the upper skirt layer.
  • Intricate Details: Sequins, jewels, flowers, and pearls add extra charm.
  • Comfortable Fit: Inside, a well-made pant from quality stretch material offers an adjustable waist with three sets of hooks and eyes.
  • Customizable Pant: Choose between frill or plain pant options.

Complete Ensemble with Matching Arm Bands

  • Arm Bands Included: Matching arm bands complement the tutu’s elegance.

Tailored for All Ages

  • Made to Measure: Available for adults and children, with a comprehensive measuring guide.

Discover the Beauty Up Close

  • About Us: Explore our close-up pictures to appreciate the stunning features of our tutus.

Make your performance unforgettable with the Grand Pas Paquita Tutu. Ideal for grand variations, solo acts, ballet festivals, and competitions. Order your timeless piece of ballet elegance today!
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