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Flaming Bird Ballet Tutu


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Flaming Bird Ballet Tutu

Amazing Flaming Bird Ballet Tutu, made for the role of the Firebird.

An amazing new creation for the role of a red Firebird.

This professional tutu is made with a red stretch metallic bodice. . The V shaped bodice is made using semi stretchy fabric. The  skirt in in red and white ruffles to look like feathers.

The pancake tutu skirt features 10 layers of hand tacked green tulle.

Custom made. Adjustable hook and eye bodice.

Arm puffs included

Delivery time: 4 – 7 weeks

This is made to measure, please send your measurements in the order notes or separate in an email after purchase .

See our measurements guide here


The Flaming Bird Tutu is an exquisite and captivating masterpiece, specially designed for the world of ballet. This enchanting tutu is inspired by the grace and elegance of a flaming bird in full flight, combining vibrant colors and delicate details to create a mesmerizing visual spectacle on stage.

The tutu’s bodice is meticulously crafted with a blend of fiery red, orange, and golden hues, reminiscent of the brilliant plumage of a flaming bird. It is adorned with intricate beading and sequins that shimmer like flames in the spotlight, enhancing the dancer’s every movement with a touch of brilliance.
The layered skirt of the tutu embodies the grace and lightness of the bird’s wings in flight. Each layer is carefully cut and shaped to form a beautiful cascade of fiery colors, flowing harmoniously as the dancer glides across the stage. The sheer and ethereal fabric adds a sense of magical allure, making it seem as though the dancer is indeed a mythical creature taking flight.

Flaming Bird ballet dance

The Flaming Bird ballet dance is a captivating and visually stunning choreographic masterpiece. Inspired by the mythical creature, the ballet tells the tale of a mythical bird of fiery plumage, symbolizing transformation and rebirth.

As the music begins, the stage comes alive with brilliant red and orange hues, representing the intense flames of the bird. The dancer portraying the Flaming Bird takes the stage with dynamic and powerful movements, depicting the bird’s fiery energy and grace.

The choreography showcases the bird’s flight with soaring leaps and sweeping arm movements, while delicate footwork conveys its majestic presence. The dancer’s flowing costume, adorned with vibrant feather-like accents, adds to the illusion of the avian creature.

The narrative unfolds as the Flaming Bird encounters various characters and challenges throughout its journey. The ballet may include interactions with other mythical creatures, humans, or even elements of nature, each reflected through unique dance motifs and expressive storytelling.

As the performance progresses, the Flaming Bird undergoes a transformation, symbolizing the cycle of life and death. This metamorphosis is beautifully portrayed through choreography that transitions from fiery and intense movements to more serene and ethereal ones, as if the bird’s flames are gradually extinguished.

The grand finale sees the rebirth of the Flaming Bird, now transformed into a radiant and majestic creature of light. The ballet concludes with a mesmerizing display of grace and beauty, leaving the audience in awe of the mythical journey they have witnessed.

The Flaming Bird ballet dance is a true feast for the senses, combining dynamic choreography, evocative storytelling, and breathtaking visuals. It showcases the artistry of ballet in its ability to transport audiences to a world where mythical creatures come to life through the language of dance, leaving an indelible impression of wonder and enchantment.

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