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Blue Goddess Ballet Tutu


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Blue Goddess Ballet Tutu


Experience the elegance of our Blue Goddess Ballet Tutu. A stunning Professional Tutu, featuring a royal blue satin bodice and skirt lid that shimmer like the sky on a sunny day. Bright yellow gold appliques add a touch of brilliance to this masterpiece, making it truly shine. The skirt, a dazzling bright white, completes the ensemble in a way that’s sure to capture attention.

Our Blue Goddess Ballet Tutu is designed with the classic Russian style in mind, bringing timeless beauty to the stage. Each tutu comes with special features that ensure the perfect fit and freedom of movement for dancers like you:

  • The bodice is created with fitted ‘Russian’ panels, enhancing your figure in a flattering way.
  • An inner cord allows you to adjust the bodice’s fit at the chest level, ensuring comfort and confidence.
  • The inner elastic wide waistband not only guarantees a perfect fit but also lets you move with grace and ease.
  • The bodice includes two rows of hooks, making it easy to adjust according to your size and preferences.
  • Our tutus boast 10 layers of the finest net, making you feel like a true ballet star. Plus, an inner light metal hook adds just the right amount of enchantment.

We’re proud to offer a made-to-measure experience for you. Just provide your measurements, and we’ll create a tutu that’s tailored to fit you like a dream. Please see our measurements guide here. Our commitment to excellent customer service ensures that you’ll have a smooth and enjoyable experience, making you feel as special as the tutu itself.

Elevate your ballet journey with our Blue Goddess Ballet Tutu  , a masterpiece that combines classic style with modern comfort. Embrace the beauty of royal blue and bright gold, and let your dance shine as you gracefully move across the stage. With our tutu’s exceptional fit and stunning design, you’re ready to capture hearts and inspire audiences wherever you dance.

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