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Aurora Ballet Tutu


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Aurora Ballet Tutu

This one piece pink Aurora Ballet Tutu has a lot of delicate sparkle. The most sweetest shade of pink and peach. This has the 17th century style with the bow details.

The main color of the tutu skirt is a soft and dreamy pastel pink/ peach, reminiscent of Aurora’s signature color. The skirt consists of several layers of voluminous tulle, giving it a full and flowing appearance as the dancer gracefully glides across the stage. The top layer of the skirt features sequins and sparkle and  is delicately trimmed at the waist with pink chiffon frills and neat bows hugging the waist, adding a touch of opulence and splendor and sweet throwbacks to the darling child Aurora on her 16th birthday.
The bodice has bows on the central strip, giving it a nod  to the stylings if the 17th century, it’s is a hook and eye bodice that is adjustable. There are adorable pale pink sheer puff sleeves.

This Aurora  ballet Tutu would really enhance any performance, stage performances, Solo performances and would be a show stopper at a ballet festival or  for a YAPG tutu. Pink Tutus are firm favourites for Ballet competitions. Pink after is the colour of ballet!

Made to measure for adults and children. Please see our measuring guide. 

Please send your measurements with the order notes on purchase or separately in an email .

10 layers of stiff tulle.

Adjustable bodice

Delivery 5-7 weeks.

Please see our pictures in the about us tab..for close ups of the features of our stunning tutus!

We cannot emphase enough the quality of the tutus they will last many performances and meet the demands of professional dancers and be stunning additions for up and coming little ballerinas!

About Auroras Birthday dance

Aurora’s ballet dance on her birthday is a show-stopping and joyous celebration, and it takes place during the Act I “Rose Adagio” of Tchaikovsky’s ballet “Sleeping Beauty.” The scene marks Princess Aurora’s sixteenth birthday, a significant moment in the story. As the central character, Aurora’s dance showcases her grace, poise, and the embodiment of youthful exuberance.

The Setting: The stage is adorned with an opulent ballroom setting, decorated with regal banners, chandeliers, and an abundance of flowers. The ambiance is festive and filled with excitement as guests gather to celebrate Aurora’s coming of age.

The Dance: Aurora’s birthday dance begins with her making a grand entrance, dressed in her resplendent birthday tutu, and greeting her royal guests with graciousness. The iconic “Rose Adagio” sequence follows, where Aurora performs a series of graceful balances on pointe, each time being presented with a single rose by her four suitors.

With the prince as her partner, Aurora glides across the ballroom in a stunning pas de deux, showcasing their elegant and synchronized movements. The dance is characterized by delicate arabesques, graceful pirouettes, and soaring lifts that illustrate the couple’s connection and the depth of their emotions.

Aurora’s Variation: During her solo variation, Aurora demonstrates her technical prowess and artistry. She executes beautiful and intricate footwork, displaying her exceptional pointe work and showcasing her effortless musicality. The variation is filled with joyful leaps, turns, and elegant gestures, expressing the character’s youthful spirit and happiness on her special day.

The Coda: The birthday dance culminates in a dazzling coda, where Aurora showcases her virtuosity with a series of breathtaking fouetté turns and brilliant jumps. The energetic and thrilling finale captures the audience’s attention and leaves them in awe of Aurora’s talent and radiance.

The Celebration: As the dance concludes, the court and guests join Aurora in a grand celebration, dancing with exuberance and delight. The stage comes alive with vibrant and synchronized movements, evoking the joy and excitement of the momentous occasion.

Aurora’s birthday ballet dance is a heartwarming and enchanting spectacle that captivates audiences with its graceful beauty and the spirit of celebration. This iconic scene embodies the magic and allure of classical ballet, leaving a lasting impression of elegance and happiness in the hearts of all who witness the beloved tale of Princess Aurora’s sixteenth birthday.

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