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White Corps De Ballet Tutu


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White Corps De Ballet Tutu

The white satin ballet tutu with silver appliqué is a breathtaking costume used for the enchanting Snowflake ballet variation, performed by the corps de ballet. This exquisite tutu is an embodiment of elegance, grace, and winter magic, perfectly complementing the ethereal beauty of the dancers as they twirl and glide across the stage.

The tutu’s bodice is crafted from smooth, shimmering white satin, creating a delicate and pristine foundation for the snowflake-themed design. The neckline is tastefully adorned with silver appliqués, inspired by delicate ice crystals, which cascade gracefully down the bodice, evoking a sense of swirling snowflakes caught in a gentle winter breeze. The intricate appliqué work reflects the shimmering allure of freshly fallen snow, sparkling like glistening frost under the stage lights.

The tutu’s pancake skirt is designed to capture the enchanting essence of a winter wonderland. Layers of fine, sheer white tulle give the tutu its voluminous and airy appearance, creating an illusion of floating on a blanket of snow. The tulle is skillfully embellished with delicate silver appliqués, mirroring the snowflake motifs found on the bodice. As the dancers move, the silver appliqués catch the light, adding an enchanting radiance to their every graceful movement.

The tutu’s classical pancake-style construction allows the snowflake variation to come alive with a sense of timelessness and classical ballet charm. The flat, stiff layers of tulle maintain their form, ensuring the tutu retains its iconic bell shape as the dancers execute intricate footwork and precise turns.

The overall effect of the white satin with silver appliqué ballet tutu is a vision of winter enchantment and elegance. As the corps de ballet gracefully floats across the stage, their collective beauty and seamless synchronization mesmerize the audience, conjuring visions of a winter wonderland illuminated by the brilliance of freshly fallen snow.

The Snowflake ballet variation, enhanced by this stunning tutu, embodies the pure magic of the holiday season, captivating hearts with its delicate beauty and evocative artistry. This timeless costume continues to captivate audiences worldwide, reminding us of the beauty and wonder that ballet can evoke when artistry and craftsmanship unite in perfect harmony.

This is one piece White Corps De Ballet Tutu has a lot of delicate sparkle. This tutu has white satin bodice with silver applique.

The bodice is adjustable with 2 rows of hook and eyes, there is an inner pant too.

This amazing white  ballet tutu can  be used for many roles and solo performances. This tutu would suit so many roles and ballets. Recently this tutu has been purchased for the role of snowflakes and as a bayadere ballet costume.


This ballet Tutu would really enhance any performance, stage performances, Solo performances and would be a show stopper at a ballet festival or  for a YAPG tutu, it sparkles on stage.

Made to measure for adults and children. Please see our measuring guide.

Leave measurements or required size in the order notes on check out.
There are standard sizes too.. please make sure you are within the measurements as this tutu does not have much give.
9 layers of stiff tulle.

Adjustable  bodice

Please see our pictures in the about us tab..for close ups of the features of our stunning tutus!

We cannot emphase enough the quality of the tutus they will last many performances and meet the demands of professional dancers and be stunning additions for up and coming little ballerinas!

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