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Orange Esmeralda Ballet Costume

Exquisite Orange Esmeralda Ballet Costume: Unleash Your Passion

Discover the allure of the charismatic Esmeralda character with our captivating Orange Esmeralda Ballet Costume, a beautiful creation brought to you by Danzatelier and exclusively made in Italy for Twirlingballerinas. This sassy and vibrant costume embodies the essence of Esmeralda’s spirit, perfect for both the leading role and the corps de ballet in the tambourine dance.

Italian Craftsmanship, Unmatched Elegance:

Crafted with precision and artistry, this costume is a true masterpiece. The charming shade of orange, accentuated with striking black details, sets the stage for a performance that exudes both confidence and elegance.

Bodice Brilliance:

The top part of the bodice, available in lycra or luxurious velvet (as shown in the pictures), is a radiant shade of orange. Black shiny sequins and colorful stones adorn the bodice, adding a touch of glamour that captures the spotlight. The lower part of the bodice features an intricate laced pattern, crafted with silk orange ribbon, creating a harmonious contrast with the black fabric.

Degas Skirt Splendor:

The knee-length Degas skirt is a vision of grace and movement. Comprising four layers of pale orange net and crowned with a top layer in a darker shade of orange made from organza, the skirt boasts an embellished black overlay that descends gracefully to the skirt’s edge. This intricate design element adds depth and drama to every twirl and spin.

Unveil the Esmeralda Spirit:

Esmeralda, a character known for her charisma and passion, finds her essence captured in this costume. Whether you’re taking center stage as the leading lady or dancing as part of the corps de ballet, the Orange Esmeralda Ballet Costume will elevate your performance to new heights of authenticity and artistry.

Tailored to Perfection:

Every dancer’s body is unique, and our custom-made approach ensures a flawless fit. Simply provide your measurements either during checkout or by emailing them to This personalized touch guarantees a costume that complements your form perfectly. See the measurements guide here

Unforgettable Performances Await:

From the tambourine dance to competitions and beyond, the Orange Esmeralda Ballet Costume is a testament to the character’s charm and energy. Let this costume be your companion as you grace the stage with movements that tell Esmeralda’s captivating story.

Italian Excellence, Your Dance Journey:

Experience the embodiment of Esmeralda’s spirit with a costume that exudes elegance, vibrancy, and passion. Let the Orange Esmeralda Ballet Costume be the canvas upon which you paint your ballet journey’s most unforgettable moments.
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