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Flames of Paris


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Flames of Paris

Introducing the captivating “Flame of Paris” ensemble, complete with a stunning tutu and a necklace that adds a touch of elegance to your dance. Prepare to dazzle the stage with this exceptional ballet costume that showcases the perfect blend of style and grace.

The heart of this ensemble lies in its intricately designed body, crafted with a jacquard weave that exudes sophistication. A rich navy blue hue forms the backdrop, enhanced by delicate sequins that shimmer with every movement. As you dance, these sequins catch the light, adding a mesmerizing sparkle to your performance.

The Flames of Paris tutu’s tulle is of the highest quality, boasting a 50 denier thickness that ensures both comfort and grace. With six layers thoughtfully stacked, the tutu achieves a voluminous and ethereal effect that enhances your every move. The magic doesn’t stop there – sequins, Swarovski crystals, Plessiosa gemstones, pearls, and exquisite wedding lace come together to create a symphony of beauty that adds depth and dimension to your dance.

A red satin ribbon elegantly adorns the ensemble, enhancing the overall aesthetic and tying the look together with a touch of fiery passion. The ensemble is secured with five hooks on the back, allowing for easy dressing and ensuring a comfortable fit that stays in place throughout your performance.

This is made to measure, we will need your measurement, please see our guide here

Please anticipate a delivery time of 6-8 weeks for this Flames of Paris costume, as we meticulously craft each element of the “Flame of Paris” ensemble to perfection. This attention to detail ensures that every sequin sparkles, every gemstone gleams, and every layer of tulle flows harmoniously to create a breathtaking visual experience.

With the “Flame of Paris” ensemble, you’re not just wearing a costume – you’re embodying a legacy of elegance and artistry. Step onto the stage and let the exquisite craftsmanship of this ensemble ignite your performance with a brilliance that mesmerizes the audience. Your dance will be a testament to the beauty and passion that burn within you, making the “Flame of Paris” a true masterpiece that tells a story with every graceful movement.



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