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Esmeralda Costume


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Esmeralda costume

Enchanting Esmeralda Costume: A Gypsy Ballet Delight

Unveil the captivating spirit of the gypsy dancer with our exquisite Esmeralda Costume. Designed in the alluring Gypsy style, this costume pays homage to the iconic character Esmeralda and her passionate allure. Whether you’re embodying the free-spirited gypsy dancer herself or any other enchanting role, this costume ensures a performance that resonates with authenticity and charm.

A Glimpse of Gypsy Elegance:

This stunning Esmeralda Costume captures the essence of the gypsy style with striking details that evoke both mystery and vibrancy. The faux black bodice, adorned with white ribbons in a laced pattern, creates a visual delight that draws the eye and ignites the imagination.

A Palette of Passion:

Crafted in the harmonious hues of orange, black, and white, this costume encapsulates the energy and charm of the gypsy world. The central orange front gracefully leads the gaze down to a unique hitched petticoat-style skirt, adding movement and flair to every step.

Elevate Any Gypsy Ballet Role:

While inspired by the character Esmeralda, this costume’s versatility extends to a wide range of gypsy ballet roles. Whether you’re portraying a passionate gypsy dancer, a spirited ensemble member, or any other character with a touch of mystique, this costume enhances your performance.

Perfect Fit and Comfort:

Our Esmeralda Costume is designed with stretch material to ensure a comfortable fit that moves harmoniously with every dance step. Choose from our standard sizes, or provide us with your measurements for a tailored fit that enhances your grace and presence on stage.

Unleash Your Passion:

Step into the spotlight with a costume that embodies the essence of gypsy elegance and passion. Each movement becomes a story, every twirl a moment of magic as you captivate the audience with your artistry.

Craftsmanship and Character:

This costume is a testament to both craftsmanship and character depth. Its intricate details and vibrant colors create a world where dancers can fully immerse themselves in the roles they portray.

Order Your Gypsy Fantasy:

Elevate your ballet performance with the Esmeralda Costume that captures the allure of the gypsy world. Whether you’re dancing in a lead role or joining an ensemble, this costume ensures a performance that leaves a lasting impression.

Find Your Perfect Fit:

Choose from our standard sizes or provide your measurements for a personalized fit. Your dance journey deserves a costume that celebrates your uniqueness and passion, allowing you to shine brightly on stage.

Comes in standard sizes, please see the charts here


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