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Breadcrumb Fairy Tutu


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Breadcrumb Fairy Tutu

This one piece orange tutu has a lot of delicate sparkle and is a perfect  Breadcrumb Fairy Tutu. This fairy from Sleeping Beauty is also known as the generous fairy generous fairy 

Elegance Personified: The Breadcrumb Fairy Tutu

Step onto the stage as a beacon of grace and allure in our mesmerizing Breadcrumb Fairy Tutu. With its delicate orange hue and intricate gold embellishments, this tutu is the embodiment of ethereal beauty. Designed to evoke the essence of the Breadcrumb Fairy from “Sleeping Beauty,” this tutu is a tribute to generosity and enchantment.

Embrace the Breadcrumb Fairy:

The Breadcrumb Fairy, also known as the Generous Fairy, holds a special place in the hearts of ballet enthusiasts. Representing kindness and benevolence, this fairy adds a touch of magic to the stage. With its pale orange hue and sparkling details, this tutu perfectly captures the essence of the Breadcrumb Fairy’s generosity.

Versatile and Enchanting:

While inspired by the Breadcrumb Fairy, this tutu is a versatile piece that can enhance a wide range of roles and solo performances. Its delicate sparkle and elegant design make it a show-stopper at ballet festivals, stage performances, and competitions. Whether you’re performing a pas de deux, a solo variation, or participating in a ballet competition, this tutu will elevate your presence on stage.

A Symphony of Details:

Bodice Excellence: The bodice is a masterpiece of design and craftsmanship. Crafted from semi-stretch fabric, it contours the body flawlessly while allowing freedom of movement. The back features two sets of hooks and eyes for an adjustable fit, along with a drawstring at the top and waist for extra security. The bust line is adorned with rich appliqué that elongates the dancer’s figure, enhanced by a deep sweetheart neckline with a nude insert. Adjustable nude straps ensure a secure fit without slipping.

Skirt Splendor: The skirt exudes a classical pancake tutu charm, made from thick stiff tulle for a regal appearance. The layers of graduating stiff American tulle create a beautiful line, while the upper skirt boasts exciting embellishments such as hand-sewn lace, sparkly appliqués, and intricate trims. Inside the tutu, you’ll find a well-crafted pant from quality stretch material, featuring an adjustable waist with three sets of hooks and eyes. Every detail ensures a snug and comfortable fit that moves harmoniously with the dancer’s movements.

Your Tutu, Your Expression:

Each tutu is made to measure for both adults and children, ensuring a tailored fit that accentuates your elegance and artistry on stage. The matching arm bands add an extra touch of sophistication to your ensemble.

Capture the Beauty:

As you adorn the Breadcrumb Fairy Tutu, you’ll embody the spirit of generosity and enchantment on stage. Let its exquisite craftsmanship and enchanting design elevate your ballet journey to new heights.

Immerse Yourself:

Discover the stunning features of our tutus in the “About Us” tab, where close-up images showcase the meticulous details that make our tutus truly remarkable.

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