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Bluebird variation ballet tutus

Bluebird Variation Tutus

Is there a more exciting than the  pas de deux in all of classical ballet than the Bluebird? Airy, delicate, nimble, the choreography captures the moment when a bird teaches a princess to fly – all set to Tchaikovsky’s trilling music, perhaps the closest an orchestra has ever got to birdsong.

The Bluebird and his princess are part of a flock of story-book characters that come to Aurora and Dèsirè’s wedding in the last act of The Sleeping Beauty. The Bluebird must practically be in the air the whole performance!

The Bluebird Variation tutu will always be blue. Worn by Princess Flourine. There are Many shade of  blue, Turquoise, Aqua and Teal.  All shade and mixtures of these colours would be suitable for the Bluebird variation.

Bluebird Variation Tutu

Bluebird Variation Ballet Tutu

Bluebird Variation Ballet Tutu