• Names Of The Sleeping Beauty Fairies

    The Sleeping Beauty Fairies Who are the Fairies in the Sleeping Beauty Ballet? There are a number of different names each one has, the only Fairy who has kept her name in all ballet productions is the Lilac Fairy. Each new production has a new set of names for the Sleeping Beauty fairies,  there are 6 fairies. Lets go through all of them and give some costume ideas for them! Fairy of the Crystal Fountain. Called so in the Royal Ballet productions, but this fairy was originally know as C...Read More

  • Carabosse Fairy Tutu

    Ballet Tutu’s For Carabosse

    Ballet Tutu’s For Carabosse The Evil Fairy in Sleeping Beauty   [caption id="attachment_16221" align="alignnone" width="604"] Carabosse Fairy Tutu[/caption] Sleeping Beauty’s Fairy gone wrong, Carabosse, is such a dramatic character. This Fairy is in contrast and polar opposite to all the other characters in this charming ballet. Carabosse exerts her wrath on the innocent Aurora, her family and all who live in the Palace. And all just because she wasnt invited to the christening...Read More

  • Sleeping Beauty Fairies

    Sleeping Beauty Fairies

    Sleeping Beauty Fairies - Ideas For Tutus [caption id="attachment_16207" align="alignnone" width="604"] Sleeping Beauty Fairies[/caption] In this gorgeous picture, all the Sleeping Beauty fairies are wearing the same style tutu simply made in different colours. Find these HERE, just ask to change the colours! [caption id="attachment_16205" align="alignnone" width="577"] Blue Fairy Ballet Tutu[/caption] Let’s look at the main Fairies and some tutu ideas! ...Read More

  • Paquita 2nd Variation Tutu

    Bluebird Variation Tutus

    Is there a more exciting than the  pas de deux in all of classical ballet than the Bluebird? Airy, delicate, nimble, the choreography captures the moment when a bird teaches a princess to fly – all set to Tchaikovsky’s trilling music, perhaps the closest an orchestra has ever got to birdsong. The Bluebird and his princess are part of a flock of story-book characters that come to Aurora and Dèsirè’s wedding in the last act of The Sleeping Beauty. The Bluebird must practically be in t...Read More

  • Bridesmaids Variation

    Bridesmaid Variation From Don Quixote

    Kitri and Basilio are sweethearts, but Kitri’s father wishes her to marry for wealth instead of love. By Act III, the lovers are finally united thanks to the help of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza There is much merrymaking as the village celebrates the marriage of Kitri and Basilio.  The happy lovers and their friends dance to celebrate the union. The Bridesmaids – Kitri’s friends are rejoiced at their friend’s nuptials. The Bridesmaid usually wear Yellow. Representing fun a...Read More

  • Halloween Inspired Tutus 👻👻💀☠️🎃🎃

    We love Halloween! We looked through our catalogue for some spooky ballet costumes! Look 👀 at this orange pumpkin Lot!   Have fun this halloween 🎃    ...Read More